Commercial Cleaning

Need help with major cleaning chores at your home?

Zenith Facility Services provide cleaning services that go beyond the basics and provide you
with a comprehensive clean that will re-energize your home. Regardless of the type of cleaning
service you require for your home, count on our professional team members to provide you with
an unparalleled cleaning experience.

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Commercial Cleaning Service

In an office with limited staff, daily cleaning can be an extra chore which cuts into their valuable time. For large organizations and property management firms that own/operate buildings or industrial units, the task of upkeep and maintenance of the facility needs to be done on a much bigger scale. As such, more and more businesses in Singapore are either contemplating using a professional cleaning service or already have used one.

The advantages of this outsourcing are becoming increasingly evident as the trend to hire cleaning service agencies is fast catching on. From improving operating efficiency to the reliability of providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees, this list of benefits is endless. Outsource your cleaning needs to Zenith Facility Services to make the task of daily clearance and upkeep less arduous for your staff.  

Office Cleaning Service

Playing an integral role in the overall productivity of employees and work-related projects, cleanliness should be listed as one of the top priorities when running a business. Zenith Facility Services offers long term office regular cleaning service to maintain the workplace cleanliness and provide safe and hygienic working environment for our customers.

Our professional cleaning team is well-trained to meet the requirements of our customers and strives to deliver the best results by first identifying and understanding the requirements you may require. There is no other substitute when the health and well-being of your employees are at stake. Furthermore, when the cleanliness of your working environment is regularly maintained, it reflects a business that holds its image and reputation in high regard. Trust us to get the job done for you. Book now.

Childcare Cleaning Service

When children are playing and interacting with each other in close environments such as schools and childcare facilities, they can easily catch or transmit virus and bacteria. Keeping the childcare environment clean is one of the best ways to help prevent a massive outbreak and ensure that children stay healthy, while ensuring that the centre meets pristine conditions.

Zenith Facility Services provides cleaning services for childcare centres, with a methodology employed to pay special attention to high-touch points, giving children a safe, happy and healthy learning experience. Contact us to secure your quote and to see what we can do for your centre.

Menpower Supply Service

Other Cleaning Projects

Whatever your maintenance and cleaning needs are, you can fulfill these needs with the right supply of cleaners. You may not need our total cleaning management services because you have the experience of managing the cleaners. Therefore, just engage us to supply you with contractual cleaners.

Whether you require our manpower for a day, daily basis or on a set routine, you can avail the same very easily. High-quality cleaners can deliver effective, efficient, and intelligent hygiene solutions to customers in a consistent and cost-effective way. Our cleaners are qualified and experienced in all types of cleaning tasks. We assure you our cleaners have the right skill set to solve your cleaning needs in all areas. Get in touch with us now for the manpower supply you require.


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