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The home and office are 2 of our most frequented places and where we spend most time at. Keeping the premises germs-free with clean air quality is crucial. While a cleaning regime would be in place, just simple cleaning alone is not enough at times. That’s where a disinfection cleaning is necessary. In times of an outbreak, for example SARS and recently, the COVID-19, sanitizing the working environment and home will need be done urgently, while for certain premises, such as hospitals, schools and laboratories, disinfection is done on a regular basis. Our latest professional disinfection service will significantly eliminate the spread of bacteria and viruses including Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD). We are using Ultima-S, a solution which is a broad spectrum, fast-acting bactericide and virucide that does not develop organism tolerance and resistance. Ultima-S is highly recommended for hospitals, clinics, schools, childcare centres, cruises and also natural-disaster areas. This service has to be done after a proper cleaning of the premise. You can then have a piece of mind of a clean environment that you are in!
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Now is the time to change old habits to prevent the spread of any highly contagious virus. We employ hospital-grade chemicals for safe and effective disinfection. The electrostatic spraying technology utilized quickly covers all surfaces with the disinfectant solution, so that you can worry less about the spread of disease.


The application process behind our disinfection services is what makes the treatment so effective. A thin mist of the disinfectant is evenly sprayed onto every indoor surface, forming a protective layer on the surface. Areas that are difficult to clean and ignored can be properly sanitized with this method. Typically, the disinfectant product is left to air dry for up to 1 hour, ensuring that all bacteria and viruses present have been eliminated with little downtime.


Whether it is the common Flu or the very threatening COVID-19, protecting oneself from viruses and infectious diseases should be the top priority. Constant cleaning and disinfection will nip the virus in the bud.


Keeping a healthy environment through disinfection services is the first step in providing a safe facility for everyone. Being 100% safe and odourless, the disinfectant we use is approved by NEA and safe to be applied in any location. We recommend that disinfection treatment to be done once monthly.

We offer disinfection services for the following premises:

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